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Now your staffing needs can be continually and easily custom-tailored to fit your needs. We are your smart legal resource – with staffing and recruiting services that enable you to fill your permanent, temporary and contract positions as quickly as possible. We save you the cost and time of performing candidate searches and initial screenings, plus we ensure acquisition of top-notch talent to help you succeed.

A Smart Way to Achieve Staffing Flexibility

As your business grows and new demands arise seemingly out of nowhere, you may not have the resources or the time to hire the most qualified people to handle every case or challenge. That’s why PSI Resources gives both law firms and corporate legal departments an edge. We help you add specialized, highly-qualified legal help to your staff whenever, and at whatever level, required to handle any case, transaction, or other need that may arise – all with the ease of a single phone call. We assess your firm’s requirements and quickly provide legal professionals who meet your firm’s needs and match your firm’s corporate culture and personality.

PSI Resources’ attorney staffing services fall under two main categories:

Direct Placement

PSI Resources’ attorney recruiters work closely with you to identify qualified attorneys or practice groups for your firm or corporate legal department to hire directly. Our years of experience and extensive database allow us to draw upon the most qualified candidates.

Contract Attorney Placement

Increasingly, law firms and corporate law departments rely upon contract attorneys. Many advantages exist for hiring contract attorneys (please click here for a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding contract attorneys). For example, contract attorneys allow you to quickly fill positions without having to actually hire new employees. Thus, when faced with a situation where you must quickly add staff for a particular project, you may do so without hiring new employees, but contractors assigned for that specific project. We also place contract paralegals. In addition, when your project calls for extra office space or equipment, PSI Resources will quickly assist you.

Smart People Who Understand Your Business

Because our recruiters are former practicing attorneys, they speak your language and understand the needs and demands of a working legal environment. Few firms in our industry can provide this same hands-on legal experience. We don’t just fill the position, we provide you with professionals who match your firm’s precise needs in skills and personality – people who will bring the most to your team.

“I was impressed by how responsive my recruiter was to my requests for information. I always felt like I was in good hands.”

David Siarny
Litigation Support Executive

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